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Privacy Policy – Is my information in safe hands?

The information that we collect:
Name, address, email address and telephone number

The information that we do not collect:
Your credit card or debit card information. This information is processed by PayPal in a secure environment providing you with maximum security.

Using your information:
This is used purely to contact you either by telephone or email following your enquiry. Your information is NEVER shared with anyone outside of Links Genealogy

Your research:
We will retain a copy of your research, however if you prefer for this to be removed from our system please make this request by completing our enquiry form at

The reasons for keeping a copy:
You may wish to order an additional copy or copies for family.
You may wish to extend the research at a later date.

Are you confident of tracing my ancestors?
Yes,with the extensive records that are available to Links Genealogy Limited it would be a rare occurrence if we were unable to trace your 19th and 20th century ancestors anywhere within England and Wales.

It is essential however to point out that positive results cannot be guaranteed. No researcher can promise to be able to find an ancestor or a document unless they have already got the results sitting in front of them. There are many reasons why births were not registered, people changed their names or gave false or misleading information about their origins.

When such problems arise, they can take a long time and a reasonable amount of money to solve. However, the detective work of cracking difficult cases is one of the most fascinating aspects of this work.

Equally, there are cases when records have been lost, decayed or even burned Genealogical expertise is required to know how to locate and use alternative record sources which have survived. So, although positive results cannot be guaranteed, We can promise a full commitment to achieving the best possible results that we are able.

We will of course carry out preliminary searches first to ensure that we can at least start the journey before accepting any payment from you. Should we still come to a halt in our genealogy research due to there being no available records or we are unable to locate them, then you have the peace of mind that we will either research another line of your family or make a pro rata payment refund/adjustment in price to you. In any instance a minimum charge of £50 for research time along with the cost price of any documents purchased will be deducted from any deposit paid.

Please be aware that by their nature, surviving family records are often misleading or inaccurate. Many historical records contain illegible handwriting, multiple variations of surname spellings and a variety of errors. Official authoritative electronic databases often contain mis-transcriptions of original texts, particularly where the transcription has been undertaken overseas. For this reason, every genealogy research project is vulnerable to the occasional inaccuracy. Links Genealogy Limited make every reasonable effort to verify the findings of our research, however while the quality of our research is of a high standard, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the findings where evidence is unreliable or contradictory. If you believe you have spotted a mistake in our research findings then please contact us with the full details. We may, at our discretion, be able to verify your findings and update your family tree documents for you at no charge.

If errors or omissions are discovered after the work has been submitted to the customer, due to additional research being carried out by a 3rd party, we cannot be held responsible for those errors or omissions.

What if my ancestors come from overseas?
We only undertake research using English  and Welsh records. If during the course of our research we come across an ancestor who comes from another country, we can only recommend that you pursue this line of research using a researcher based in the country of origin of that individual. Should this happen we will adjust our quoted price to reflect the work that we had carried out to that point.

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