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“My ancestors were a mixture of heroes, black sheep and ordinary people. I don’t want their stories to be lost…
they were real people and their blood runs through my veins”

Who were YOUR ancestors? When were they born? Where did they live?
What were their occupations?

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We operate from offices in the West Midlands,
carrying out research in all of England,Wales and Scotland

Would you like us to thoroughly research your family history?

Would you like to  trace your family history but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you simply do not have the time?
Let us do  the hard work for you. With over 25 years family history research experience, we are able to offer a research
service which can help you in either of these situations.
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Research options:

To take you on your journey of discovery, we have several packages. These will thoroughly research one or more of your family surname lines. At least back to the early 1800’s/late 1700’s and possibly earlier if records reasonably allow. They may take you in your preferred direction or we will happily look at working on a customised package for you.
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Your research will include:

Tracing your ancestry back to the early 1800’s/late 1700’s and further if records reasonably allow.
Perhaps finding a few family secrets along the way or answering a few unsolved mysteries.
A generation by generation narrative.
A meaning/origin for each of your family surnames researched.
We will include birth, marriage or death certificates.
A search for your family on the ten yearly, household censuses from 1841 – 1911.
(Censuses include place of residence, occupants names, ages, occupations, birthplaces and more..).
Information on the areas that some of your ancestors lived.
We may include some photographs of homes that your ancestors lived in.
On occasions photographs of your ancestors themselves.
Genealogy charts and reports including a family tree.
A search in the England & Wales Criminal Registers for 1791 – 1861.
A search in the England & Wales Probate Calender {Index of Wills & Administrations}1861-1941.
A search in the WW1 Army Records collection and more……
Your quality family history hardback binder and secure UK postage are included within your package price

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